Advantages to Learning Forex Trading Live 

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Advantages to Learning Forex Trading Live by Mark Soberman

Many people who are interested in trading to make money are attracted to the Forex market. There are two very powerful reasons for this, compared with stock trading. Firstly, Forex provides the much touted leveraging of your funds, which means that your money can control a much larger investment. Secondly, most of the trading takes place with just a few currency pairs, so you do not get involved in sieving through hundreds or thousands of prices looking for an opportunity. 

Despite the apparent simplicity of Forex trading, to be successful you need to get a Forex trading education. There are many websites and e-books that offer to teach you about trading Forex on the Internet, and there is certainly great information available if you know where to look. The difficulty for the beginner is finding a Forex trading course that will allow him to hit the ground running, instead of learning painfully through hard knocks to his account. 

After all, some of these Forex gurus obviously find it more profitable to sell e-books than to actually trade, and that should be worrisome to you. E-books give you information, but this generally does not show you how to apply that information, or demonstrate how good the Forex trading strategy that they explain is. This is where you may find that Forex training online provides a key difference. 

There are various ways to receive training online, and a very popular one is the webinar. For those who not familiar with the concept, it is the same as a seminar, but the participants are seated at their own computer and watching information on the screen. Webinars can be broadcast in real time, and may be recorded so that they can be viewed, like a movie, at any time in the future. 

Of course, this is not the only way to receive live training and a Forex trading education. It is also possible to attend a classroom, or to go to a seminar at a nearby location. Until the technology for the webinar was available, this might well have been the preferred option. The webinar is now preferred, to avoid taking time traveling, and with the advantage that you always have a good seat to see the lesson and demonstration. 

Most live training provides a means for the participants to ask questions, and with a webinar there is usually a chat section of the screen where comments and questions can be typed in. The presenter may have a PowerPoint presentation, but can also show the participants part or all of his computer screen, and talk through the reasons for his actions. So, for instance, with a trading webinar everyone could see the price charts as they happen, and have the signals explained on their own computer screen. 

As you can appreciate, this is a very powerful method to learn how to trade, and far superior to private study or reading. The interaction between the presenter and the participants reinforces the lesson, and makes sure that there are no questions left unanswered. 

Mark Soberman of NetPicks LLC has been trading for over 20 yrs and offers free educational resources, live forex and futures signal services, as well as a new product centered around training for swing trading in the Forex market.

About the Author

Mark Soberman of NetPicks LLC has been trading for over 20 yrs and offers free educational resources, live forex and futures signal services, as well as a new products centered around training for swing trading in the Forex market.



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