Become a Currency Trader - What You Need to Do to Enjoy Success  by kelly Price

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So you want to become a currency trader, well be aware that 95% of traders lose that's not because they can't win, it's because they make avoidable errors, Here we will show you the errors to avoid and how to enjoy long term currency trading success...

The first error traders make is to think they can follow an automated Forex trading system and get rich with no effort by spending a couple of hundred dollars.

There are lots of Forex Expert Advisors or Robots claiming they can make you huge gains with no effort and they all lose money quickly. If you want to win you need to learn how to trade and get a solid Forex education, anyone can do this and you can to - so lets look at the basics for success.

Simple Systems are better than Complex ones!

Simple systems work best and you can put one together quickly, so make sure your system is simple and robust Getting a system together that's logical and can make money is the easy part of Forex trading, the harder part is applying your method.

The reason this is so hard is because you have to deal with losing periods, all traders have them, and how you deal with them will determine how successful you are.

The key to success is to keep your losses small and run your profits. This may sound obvious but most traders can't do it because they lack discipline.

Discipline and Forex Success

When most traders start to lose, they take losses personally and their emotions get involved - they get frustrated and angry and want revenge on the markets so they run their losses and end up losing. If you have a system, you must apply it with rigid discipline or you don't have a system at all!

Discipline comes from knowing what you're doing and the acceptance of the fact that to win, you need to take your losses quickly and with no emotion. You can win more trades than you lose but if you run your profits and keep your losses small, you can make huge gains overtime.

If you are prepared to work and get a good education and combine this with a disciplined mindset you can make a lot of money and enjoy trading success.

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